Enhance your interactive communication with the city

Highly customizable and configurable.Integrated workorder processing and automatic routing of incidents to right department

About MyTown

About 100 cities and towns primarily in Texas and other neighboring states use or have used our work order processing platform on their projects (about 50 are currently using it.) Over the years we have helped cities and towns optimize and save money on operations. We were able to better scale their operations and systems. Also, through our additional benefits, such as reporting, we made field operations more efficient, transparent, and easy to manage. Our platform helps field operations benefit from the existing technologies of the day. We provide innovative technologies to cities so they can become 'smart cities. ' A 'smart city' is all about providing better services to the citizens by improving connectivity through new technologies. MyTown app streamlines the reported issues from citizens and facilitates a speedy resolution of those issues. Intelligent management and routing of work orders to appropriate personnel are accomplished in seconds. Issues are reported in multimedia which helps resolve the problems quickly. By making the existing processes more efficient our platform reduces operational costs by increasing the productivity of the crews. Currently mature and readily available technology can help reduce costs for the city and improve citizens’ satisfaction with the city operations. MyTown app is the present and the future of this technology. We are very proud to be part of those who are striving to make the promised future of ‘smart cities’ happen.

MyTown helps enhance citizens’ interaction with the city

What is simpler?

  • Get timely notifications from city.
  • View bills and pay them through app.
  • Report personal or public interest issue to city with relevant multimedia.
  • View issues submitted by other citizens and city resolutions in real-time.
  • Platform that provides city news and event data readily.
  • Easily communicate with city departments with authenticated, personal,case,and historical data.
  • Quick communication and easy record keeping of communications.


Enhance your communication with the city

  • Report issues with video, audio, and pictures besides text.
  • Your issue will be submitted to the right personnel in seconds.
  • Effective communication gets your issues resolved quickly.
  • You can see issues submitted by other citizens on a city map.

Two-way communication between citizen and city personnel

  • Two-way automatic record saving communication between citizen and city personnel.
  • The record authenticates and provides historical context to the conversation so one doesn’t need to start from introduction every time one contacts.
  • Text and other multimedia can be used for enhanced communication. This helps expediate interaction and resolution of the issue quickly.

A citizen can view the history of all their reported incidents

  • Streamlining of issues reported by citizens and intelligent management of work orders resolves the problems quickly.
  • It is also an efficient process that reduces operational costs by increasing the productivity of the crews.
  • Citizens can check their reported issues of the status history (open/completed).
  • A citizen can also view the history of reported issues.

Easy capture of Multimedia (pictures, videos, audio)

  • Citizens can choose to report an issue in a convenient form to them; Be it text, video, pictures, or audio.
  • Our platform supports all these formats to report an issue. Firstly, the issue is routed to the appropriate department in seconds.
  • Secondly, when a work order is provided to the crew, the multimedia submitted by a citizen is also inserted into the work order so that the crew can take appropriate actions immediately. This saves valuable time and reduces costs on many fronts.

Integrated work order processing and automatic routing of incidents to the right department

  • For the city, the issue is routed through pre-configured paths set by the city to the appropriate department and personnel/crews in seconds.
  • No phone calls are necessary.
  • Work orders are issued with or without the intervention of any other managers.

MyTown can help Cities reduce spending and enhance city services

Benefits of MyTown for the Cities

  • Improves Citizen Satisfaction of City Operations.
  • Reduces operational costs for the city.
  • Improves many secondary processes such as reporting and statistics.
  • Improves scalability of operations as the city grows.
  • Reduces paperwork through electronic communication.
  • Keeps automatic records for the city and helps search for multi-year records quickly and conveniently in seconds.

How easy is it to get MyTown operational for our city or town?

  • Depending on the complexity of existing operations,it takes only a few hours to a few days to on-board all operations for the city/town. We have templates already for most of the operations already.
  • MyTown customizes the platform according to the needs of the city/town, and is always available to modify or enhance or expand any aspect of the platform.
  • The city can advertise and encourage city residents to download MyTown app. It is easily downloadable from the Google Playstore or Apple Store.
  • The app is free for download and takes only a few minutes to set up on one’s mobile device.
  • City personnel can download a ServiceSimplify app from the Google Playstore or Apple Store and register as an authorized personnel with the city platform.
  • Our pre-defined templates help make onboarding quicker and easy to manage.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Citizens benefit from MyTown?

    With the ubiquitous nature of the mobile platform and the availability of the secure MyTown app for free, the citizen finds it a convenience to have the app to interact with the city. A citizen can report an issue by categories right from a mobile phone. Besides text, a report can have images, videos, and audio. This can notify the appropriate city personnel whether it needs immediate attention. The severity of the issue, the effort needed to fix it, or even if it is an issue that needs to be bothered about can be immediately assessed. Map views automatically drop pins at potential issue sites. Notifications and resolutions are conveniently provided as feedback to the citizen, which improves citizens' satisfaction with city operations.

  • Integrated and seamlessly working with all departments’ operations.

    Automatic routing to the appropriate department/group instantly.

    Add, update, and delete incident types from the browser.

    The complete history of all reported incidents is available to the city.

    Two-way communication between citizen and city personnel.

    Activate/deactivate any incident types with a click.

  • Highly customizable and configurable.

    Ease of use without issues for all users of the system.

    Two-way communication between the citizen and the city.

    Maintain a complete history of all reported incidents.

    Cost of ownership.

    Integrated work orders processing and automatic routing of incidents to the right department.

  • The app should work on various versions of Android and IOS models.You can download from here MyTown App

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